Heritage for the twenty-first century

On 19 and 20 September 2015, admission free

“Heritage for the twenty-first century, a history of the future” is the national theme for this 2015 edition. Our programme over these two days places centre-stage the operations involved in making Calais lace and the present-day techniques of textile design.


On Saturday and Sunday between 2.30pm and 5.30pm: collective design (textile graphic design workshop with Sarah Arnett, co-founder of the Modern Love brand.)

At the centre of the “Digital Adventures” exhibition, Sarah unveils her work and her creative tools and guides you in the creation of a pattern on a digital tablet. Designs, mixes, overlays… From this mosaic of images left behind by each participant a new pattern will emerge, finalised by Sarah and available to view online at www.textileadventures.com/interactive-2

Open to all.

Sunday 20 September at 10.30: talk and commentated visit by Sarah Arnett

Sarah draws on multiple sources of inspiration, marrying her  photographic images and patterns created from scratch. Punctuated by graphic and chromatic interplays of great creative freedom, her compositions exist in infinite variety thanks to digital printing. Flamboyant and luxuriant, Modern Love fabrics are equally used in interior design as well as clothing.

Open to all

Modern Love competition Compose your photo montages from the Modern Love designs on show at the exhibition and send them to www.textileadventures.com/interactive-2 .


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